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Google My Business Listing Verification

Are you eager to expand your clientele and scale up your business lead, without relying on other untrustworthy and onerous methods? xealme is here to help you get to the top search engine rankings. Reach out to us for unlimited GMB Verified Listings for your business, with guaranteed satisfaction.

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Any Category

We can verify any business category, including some difficult categories in all Countries.

Verify Any Location

We will verify your business listing at any location, any country, anywhere around the world – Usually, deliver the order within 1 to 3 weeks.

Easy to Use

Leave us your email and name and we will contact you as soon as possible – Usually, we reply in less than 24 Hours

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We try to solve this problem for gmb verification. our Google My Business Listing Verification Service is real and authentic way to verify google business without postcard 2021. google my business verification has specific requirements for approval.

gmb verification Service 2021

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MB Verified Listing – What is it?

GMB Verified Listing is convenient and free of cost tool that enables a platform for the businesses to create their online prominence and presence on Google. GMB Listing helps your potential clients to easily find your business on Google maps and other search options. If you want to expand your business ballpark and leave a mark in the online market, then get your business listed immediately on GMB Listing.

Google My Business is a business listing on Google which is also one of the vital elements of local SEO. Google fetches almost 70% of all the searches done on online search engines, which means approximately 3.5 billion users for Google alone. Hence, it is preeminent to rank on top in Google searches for better chances of attracting potential clientele. Through GMB Verified Listing, you get the most convenient and reliable way of bringing about steady organic traffic to your site.

With hundreds of options available for a single business niche, the customers tend to change their preferences by and by. It is very important to grab their attention by catering to their needs in a satisfactory manner. But the first step of making connections is to provide them complete handy details of your business. GMB Verified Listing ensures you reach out to your clients easily; by just providing your phone number, address, work hours, reviews, and images.

Do I need to provide an gmb business address?

Yes but if you can’t come up with any good ideas for a location, we can provide one for you. Make sure sometimes we verify listing with your provided address and sometimes we might not in this case we will use the best address for your using your provided city, zip code.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be made once you place the order because we are doing B2B and can’t afford refunds due to the presence of a third party. If you are not satisfied with this policy, then we discourage you to place orders.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We offer a 30-day warranty if the listing goes down. If you change Business Name and or Categories and or Address this warranty is voided.

Which niches do you accept?

We accept almost all niches. However, for locksmith and garage door, kindly contact us before ordering.

What information do you need from me?

All we need from you is Company Name, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, City Name, Category, and LIVE URL. Please understand if you use the city in the company name or have an otherwise spammy company name the listing could get a manual review and the account could very well get suspended.

Can I edit the listing?

You can edit posts, add a description, add images, add hours, etc

You cannot edit:
Company name
Primary category

What is the turn around time?

The TAT is 28 business days from the day you submit details (5 working days in a week). TAT is tentative; it will take more time for approval & delivery. Also, we will not refund money once you place the order (must read refund policy).

What countries is this available for?


If you would like a country that is not listed above, please contact us.

What information do you need from me?

All we need from you is Company Name, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, City Name, Category, and LIVE URL. Please understand if you use the city in the company name or have an otherwise spammy company name the listing could get a manual review and the account could very well get suspended.

Company Name
Website URL (Must be LIVE URL) – Optional.
Zip/Post Code
Phone Number
Address Public/Hidden
Serviced Area
Hours of Operation

Local Business Listing Service

No. 1 Strategy for Getting Local Businesses

  • Save Time – Let us work as an extension of your business.
  • Save Money – Pay reduced agency rates with volume discounts.
  • Take Control -YOU own the accounts when completed!
  • Include existing services & set your own pricing!
  • Claim listings that require postcard verification without a hassle!
  • Secure listings from tampering or hi-jacking from spammers and competitors.
  • Verification ranks as one of the top SEO practices for local business listings.
  • We are 100% compliant with all verification listing practices and procedures.

The Importance of GMB Verification for Local SEO

Modern-day consumers turn to Google when they need to find a local product or service.

But without having your own verified GMB listings proximal to the location of the individual making the search request, the odds of your site or business showing up is slim to none.

One of Google’s most important rankings signals for local search is the geographic location of the user compared to the address of the verified GMB listing. Which is one reason why having more GMB locations in an area is highly advantageous.

Yet, most businesses only have one (if any) locations in all of the areas they wish to compete in. Which is why getting multiple GMBs approved and verified is such an effective strategy. For those SEO professionals and business owners that understand this tactic, they stand to both outpace and outperform the competition, showing up and ranking for multiple locations at the same time.

GMBs Show up in 93% of ALL Searches on Google

Did you know that the “Google 3-pack” of local business listings are displayed prominently above even organic number one rankings on 93% of all Google search queries? Powerful right?

Imagine how much more traffic and leads you could generate for yourself or clients with even a few additional verified GMB listings in your target market.

With our Google My Business Verification service, we can make that happen for you quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

34-50% of Local Searches Result in a Store Visit within 24 Hours

According to none other than Google themselves, 34-50% of local search queries result in a store visit within the following 24 hours. And where do you think the visitors obtain that store’s address, map, and directions info from? A VERIFIED GMB.

19% of Local Searches on Mobile Result in a SALE THAT SAME DAY!

Up to 19% of local searches conducted on mobile devices (which represent the majority of searches conducted in 2019 and beyond) result in a sale at that store within a period of 24 hours either online or offline. Businesses that were found largely by way of verified Google My Business Listings.

Verified Google My Business Listings from Serp Ninja are Your Answer!

Our team can handle any volume of GMB verifications you can throw at us, including discounts for bulk orders.

Not all GMB verification providers are equally as well suited for the task as we are. Our team has combined decades of experience working with GMBs and getting them verified in a way that Google is happy with.

Don’t risk your GMB listings with a fly by night or shoddy provider. Go with us and know that you’re GMBs will stick.


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gmb verification Service
Google My Business Listing Verification Service – GMB Verification Service 2021
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