5 Steps to Increase Your Business Growth With Google Reviews

5 Steps to Increase Your Business Growth With Google Reviews

People are looking for get online reviews today in greater numbers than at ever before in history. If you’re a small company owner with the potential to expand your business and you’re ignoring Google Reviews, you might decide to pull out all the cash in your pocket and burn it.

Indeed, reviews on the internet are vital. We are going to teach you exactly how you can use reviews to boost your business.

This is what you are likely to find out through this piece:

How to get more Google Reviews from Customers in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Ask Your Customers for a ‘Favor’

If your customers have had an enjoyable experience at your establishment they’re typically satisfied to “pay it back” through an honest review. Making your request appear as something that’s a “favor” lessens your customer’s sense of obligation. It also increases the likelihood that they will accept your demand. 

The act of asking for a favor does not just show confidence in your customers, it will also give them the chance to offer support for you and your company. When you ask for it in the right manner, most satisfied customers will write a glowing review.

Step 2: Give Them a Reason To Write A Review

The reason you give for your request will increase the chance that your customers will be willing to comply by as much as 33%. Research conducted by an Harvard instructor in 1978 proved the effectiveness that the phrase “because”.

Conclusion of this research is that giving an individual a reason why you’re asking to do something will improve the likelihood of success, regardless of the motivation. 

If you’re asking for an opinion, be sure to mention an explanation. “Because we would love to hear your thoughts” or “because we care about what you think of our business” could be just some additional words, but they can be a significant factor in increasing the rate of response.

Step 3: Thank Them for Being Willing To Leave a Review

In the case of customer service, being grateful is an excellent idea.

In the study of cold email responses the response rate increased significantly when thank you was stated in the lead. 

Step 4: Have a Script and a Process

Let’s take a look at how these strategies, taken together help improve the rate of review creation. You’re free to copy and paste the script, or alter it to meet your business specific requirements.

“Hey _____________ [customer’s name] I appreciate your visit today! I wanted to know if you would please help me?”

*Customer responds affirmatively*

“Would you consider writing an account of your experiences? Because it will assist others make the choice to make a visit.”

*Customer responds affirmatively*

“Thanks! We are grateful that you were willing to assist us! Within a couple of minutes you will receive an inquiry for review in our Office. It is as easy as clicking the link we email you. It’s very simple!”

A satisfied customer is more likely to return the favor by asking. Making the process as simple as possible and incorporating a touch of psychology to the equation, you’ll be on the way to building the benefit of a steady stream of positive reviews.

Step 5: Find A Review Software That Automates The Process

In a perfect world, everyone would use an automated software for reviewing such as Weave.

Review software lets you ask for a review from the client right after they’ve had a conversation with you. They will receive the request at the moment when they’re most likely give you feedback.

Usually, the request will include the link they need to click. The request is directed via Google where they are able to leave feedback within a couple of minutes.

Make Google Reviews Easy For Your Customers

No matter how great your customer experience may be, making it easier for them to give feedback can always boost your chances of success.

The process of leaving Google reviews as simple as you can.

Ask Your Customers For Reviews

Have you ever wondered, while 71% of customers would be willing to provide feedback if businesses was asked to do so, 30% of them have not been asked in any way? 

Even a simple request can be productive and certainly superior to simply not asking.

How To Leave A Review on Google

Let’s begin at first level. There are two ways to leave Google reviews, either via a browser, or via an application called the Google Maps App. There is a different process for each one, and the customer requires an account on Google account in order to make it.

Write A Google Review From Your Browser

  1. Log in to your Google account, then search for the company you’d like to read about.
  2. Locate the review area (next to the rating on the results of your search or beneath the establishment’s name on the sidebar of Google searches) and then click in the font that reads “WRITE A REVIEW.”
  3. Give the company a rating of 1 to five stars (the more stars suggest that you had a good experience) and write about your experience and select “POST” when you’re done.

Write A Review From The Google Maps App

  1. On Google Maps, the Google Maps app on your smartphone, look for the company you would like to look over.
  2. Maps will provide you with a map with an advertisement on the bottom that explains the company. Click on that banner.
  3. Scroll down the page that appears until you reach the review area. There will be five stars, but no profile photo above them. Select your choice of the stars you’d prefer to leave for the business, and then write about your experiences.
  4. Hit “POST” to leave the review.

Review writing is easy even for your more senior customers. The process becomes even easier with automated software.

How to Delete a Google Review

If you’re an owner of a business, then you’ve likely seen an unfavorable review appear on your company at least once. It may be the result of an issue with a client or even a member of your team who has dropped the ball. In this situation, you need to take steps to fix the situation quickly.

There is a second frequent source of fake negative reviews that you aren’t able to change to correct. The negative reviews come from competitors trying to ruin your image. To accomplish this, competitors write negative reviews of your company. In these instances you’ll require a plan to remove Google Reviews.

Before we go too far into the process, be aware that this process is not 100% guaranteed to be successful. But, it has proven to work in a few instances and it’s worth the effort.

Step 1: Locate the Review on Google

Find the review that you wish to erase. It is possible to do this by typing in your company’s name on Google and then clicking on the amount of review.

Step 4: Navigate to the Spam & Policy Forum

After about a week has passed, verify whether the review has been deleted. If not, click here to access Google My Business. Google My Business community. The page will look like this: that appears like this:

Step 5: Submit Your Case

Click the plus sign in the lower right-hand side to start your message on the forum. It is essential to be as convincing as you can in proving that the review is not written by an actual customer. Define how you can prove that this review is from a competitor Attach the picture proving that you have flagged the review, and then make sure to submit your message. The more detailed you can be and the more specifics you can provide to prove your argument more likely you’ll succeed in getting the review removed.

This forum is generally quick to respond to issues, so you will know in the next day if your complaint is being moved to the next level.

Using Weave to Get More Google My Business Reviews

In a surprising way (but not entirely surprising) the well-established Weave dental practice located in Oklahoma City was able to increase the number of new patients they receive by 324% in the month of May 2017 to the present. The office was averaging 17 new patients per month for a number of years, but with less than 10 reviews on the internet at the time, there was an increase in their patients. They then signed up for Weave and set up Auto-Text Reviews. They have seen more than 76 new patients each month and have more than 200 reviews online.

Rika Markel, from West Side Family Dental Group said, “Weave has made all the improvements for our practices in the field of dentistry. It is easy to use for recalls, confirmations etc. However the review feature has helped us get to the top of Google.”

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