Importance Of Google Reviews

Importance Of Google Reviews

What’s the worth of the value of a Google review for you?

It might not appear to be anything, but a quick review of the world’s most popular search engine can make the difference between being at the top of a page on a search engine or in the middle in the search results for internet users looking for companies within your specific niche. Positive google reviews get trust from the customers

The constant acquisition of new 5 star google reviews is a tried and true method of not just increasing the visibility of your business, but boost your ROI. We’ve listed five reasons Google reviews are a must for your company and you.

1. It helps with search engine optimization and increase your visibility

Google monitors the performance of reviews and rewards businesses with a significant number of highly rated reviews and also those with a lot of reviews, as it recognizes businesses that strive to interact in a meaningful way with customers. A positive review score could help your business get into an area in Google Local Pack, which places the top three businesses on to the very top of the page based on the location.

2. Reviews that are positive can influence prospective customers

Did you be aware 90% of people frequently or often review online reviews to decide if local businesses are good or not? Did you be aware that 84% consumers consider online reviews as trustworthy in the same way as personal recommendations while 74% customers believe that positive reviews help them trust local businesses more?

3. It allows you to interact with your customers.

Responding promptly to reviews shows you are concerned about what your clients as well as the negative ones. Google is aware of active responders to reviews and boosts up the ranks.

4. Increase click-through rates by implementing your site’s click-through rates

If your company has a good review rating Internet users will naturally visit your site and discover the details of your business and make your brand more visible to them.

5. Google dominates the search engine world

70% of searches on the internet are conducted through Google and there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to discover your company and you via the world’s largest search engine. Wouldn’t it be logical to focus on optimizing the quality of your reviews on the most popular website?

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