How to Increase Google Business Reviews ?

In terms of your online web presence how you present yourself online is the most important thing. If potential customers discover your website or online one of most important things that they examine is the online reviews. When people are looking directly for your company or searching for services and products that you provide, they are likely to find the reviews you have on Google, Yelp, or websites that focus on specific industries. Because Google is among reviews that is regarded as the best of websites that is why learning to boost Google reviews for businesses is the most effective place to begin.

Read on to find out how to earn more favorable 5 star review on Google.

How Do Reviews Fit Into the Sales Process?

As part of a well-planned growth strategy, the majority of companies are trying for ways to increase leads and sales.

You may be thinking what does having more reviews benefit your business? improve sales leads?

When they visit the page of reviews for businesses on your website, the user most likely hasn’t visited your site. They’re looking through Google and have come upon your company in the results of their search.

Prior to navigating to your site, users will first look through your reviews. In the end, either positive or negative reviews may be the basis for a user to decide whether they’ll go to your website, or give you an appointment to set up an appointment with you.

If you have bad reviews and/or the Google My Business (GMB) profile isn’t properly set up the potential customers will leave your site. If they do click to leave, their subsequent action is typically to read reviews about your competitors.

Make It Easy for Customers to Leave Reviews

If your customers want to write a review for you and they’re unable to determine where to leave a review then they’re not likely to struggle to figure it out. Do not ask your customers to visit the GMB page, click on the write reviews button, then write an online review. We’ve tried it, and it didn’t work!

There is an easier way that you can use GMB which allows you to send your customers directly via a link similar to this and take clients directly to the testimonial page , as the following:

Facilitating the process of leaving reviews by having your GMB page set up correctly will boost the number of reviews customers leave for your company. However, many businesses do not realize they must set up the GMB page. If your GMB page isn’t in place, send us an email and we’ll assist you.

Just Ask

If you’ve done a bad job, the majority of your customers will not consider leaving an online review since they’re focusing on their own business. The majority of people need to feel emotionally charged prior to making efforts to leave an evaluation.

The majority of the time, the reason people are triggered to act is anger so you should not have angry customers leaving reviews.

Determine the period of time in your relationship with a customer which is the best time to ask them write a review. In the end, they don’t require purchases from you to write a review. As as long as you’ve provided them with something of value, it’s acceptable to request a favorable review. You can contact them directly to ask them to write a review for you. And make it easy for them by providing an email with a direct link to your review page.

Do Not Buy Fake Reviews

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll take this into consideration but we’d like to provide some suggestions. Don’t purchase fake reviews. If Google discovers that you’ve bought reviews, they’ll punish you , which will harm the effectiveness of your Local SEO strategies.

Google does not like those who attempt to manipulate the system. As long as you adhere to the advice provided by this post, you’ll be able to count on a lot of people leaving your reviews with positive feedback. There’s no reason to purchase fake reviews for you GMB listing.

Reply to Negative Reviews Personally

The only thing more damaging than a negative review not paying attention to an unfavourable review. If you visit the business’s website and read negative reviews one of the things you will look up for is the responses.

If you do not respond to reviews that are negative it appears as if it’s a case of trying to brush the problem under the carpet. Be honest about the issue This will demonstrate to potential customers that you are concerned and are willing to attempt to correct the issue.

Also, you should not respond to negative reviews by sending generic messages because people respond better to individual messages. If you write something like We’re sorry for what occurred to you. Contact us at [email protected] People will immediately identify a fake.

Although it may sound overly formal, taking direct action to address their issue by determining the problem or take accountability will boost confidence in your company and the image of your company.

Add a Call to Action in Your Email Blasts

When you send out promotional emails or updates to your clients, make sure to include the call to action (CTA) inside your message. Your CTA must directly request customers to leave an online review of your business in the listing on Google. Google listing.

If they value your business relationship with them enough to open your email and look through it, they’re likely to assist you by leaving a positive review on Google. You can alter the CTA phrases as you need to determine what ones work best and always be sure to request reviews whenever you send emails to your customers.

Use Custom Google Review Links on Your Site

As mentioned in the previous article, the use of the custom Google reviews makes it easy for users to access the writing portion of their review. Even if they only click on the stars, it is still better than the absence of any.

Place the link in a location on your site that is logical. It could be in the footer or the header of your website in case you wish people to be able to view the link on a regular basis. It is also possible to put the link as an ad to grab the attention of users, which can increase the chances that they will leave reviews.

Custom links are no cost simple to design and simple to put into place. Make use of them whenever you request customers to write a review for you. It is also possible to use an online shortener to redirect users to the personalized link, if you’d like to monitor the number of people who click to view the review.

How to Increase Google Business Reviews – Now You Know

You now are aware of ways to boost Google reviews of your business. You’re now off to a strong start in promoting your company online and building your brand’s reputation.

Making all your online marketing yourself is a daunting and stressful task. We make sure you receive the results you desire without the hassle of the DIY method.

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